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The Psychology of Jury Selection (English Edition) PDF Books

The Psychology of Jury Selection (English Edition)

A manual of the techniques used by a psychologist to detect possible juror bias during Voir Dire and the Trial process.Included is the link to a jury selection progam that can be used to assist in the selection of a jury.

Also included is a software program which can be downloaded -
"The Jury Selector". This program evaluates possible juror bias from the information given on the juror inquiry sheets

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Article Marketing Power (English Edition) PDF Books

Article Marketing Power (English Edition)

After spending 15 years on testing and tracking the profit-pulling power of the Internet, I keep coming back to one single strategy that trumps them all, and continues to make me profits on autopilot.... Article Marketing! (In fact, every high-priced traffic course out there, created by a worthy guru, has a section in it dedicated to this strategy.)

You have likely heard about - and even tried using - article marketing to generate sales and profits for yourself. Maybe it worked for you, maybe it didn't. But...

If you could get one article to bring in $50 to $500 per month, every single month, (without doing any additional work after the article has been published) many articles would you create?

If you could have one of your articles published on over 400 different web sites, in a matter of weeks, so that they all continued to bring in more traffic, subscribers, and sales for you, on complete autopilot... how many more articles would you attempt to do that with?

If you're skeptical of these claims, I certainly don't blame you.

But, the above results are absolutely attainable. And many marketers are already doing this, with very little work.

In my new special report, Article Marketing Power, I show you how it's done...

Article Marketing is my favorite traffic strategy because it is quick, easy, free, and it can continue to work for me indefinitely, without my having to do any additional work. (I love strategies that continue to work for me once I've set them up.)

Unfortunately, as amazing as this strategy is, it is also one of the most misunderstood and misused strategies out there. Most people who use this strategy (incorrectly) see mediocre or poor results.

Contrary to what many people think, article marketing is not about bombarding the Internet with as many articles as you can possibly churn (or spin) out. There's a little more to it than that.

When used correctly, each article that you publish can become an ongoing traffic - and profit source, earning you anywhere from $50 to $500 (or more) per month. That's per article.

Also, as touched on above, some of my articles have been republished on 400+ sites. That's each individual article, on 400+ different sites all bringing traffic and buyers back to my sites without my having to lift a finger.

In fact, I couldn't stop this traffic flow if I wanted to. I wouldn't know how. (Not that I'd ever want to stop it. ;-)

How many of these kinds of articles would you like to create...versus the kind that most people put out?

Naturally, if someone were to force me to only choose ONE traffic generating strategy to use, starting today and for the rest of my life, I would choose this one - without even blinking.

If you're interested in getting the kinds of results mentioned above, you need to get this short, to-the-point report.

In it, I show you why I chose this strategy, and how to use it correctly - to unleash it's maximum traffic and profit-generating power...and have it continue to work for you indefinitely, on autopilot.

But...this report isn't just about publishing articles. I also show you a few other interesting strategies to add to your article marketing machine, to make it even more powerful and profitable. It's one of the best ways to leverage your efforts and resources that exists.

This is a strategy that even a complete beginner to Online marketing, with little to no experience, can use to start pulling traffic and profits - from virtually any niche!

I also share one of the biggest mistakes most people make with article marketing, and why its causing them to leave thousands of dollars on the table, that could have easily been in their pockets.

So, if you've been trying various traffic generating strategies, and not quite seeing the kind of results you want (or even if you've tried article marketing, without much success,) you should give this report a shot.

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Comprehensive Pediatric Nephrology: Text with CD-ROM (English Edition) PDF Books

Comprehensive Pediatric Nephrology: Text with CD-ROM (English Edition)

This new clinical resource brings you a state-of-the-art comprehensive review on every clinical condition encountered in pediatric nephrology in one concise, clinically focused text. International experts provide you with the latest on epidemiology, diagnosis, investigations, management, and prognosis for a full range of pediatric kidney disorders. A full-color, highly visual, meticulously crafted format, makes this material remarkably easy for you to access and apply. Comprehensive Pediatric Nephrology also serves as an ideal resource for board review study for the ABP subspecialty boards in pediatric nephrology.

  • Just the right amount of "need-to-know" basic science coupled with practical clinical guidance for every disorder helps you make efficient, informed decisions.
  • The book provides a much needed update on the genetic origins of pediatric kidney disorders.
  • Chapters about glomerulonephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and tubular disorders provide an orientation in the pathophysiology, differential diagnosis, and treatment of these heterogeneous disease entities.
  • Disease specific chapters include diagnostic work-up, laboratory evaluation, and management of disorders and complications, making this necessary information readily accessible.
  • The prevention and management of pediatric chronic renal failure and its complications are comprehensively covered in many detailed chapters.
  • Four chapters devoted to childhood hypertension offer you insights into an increasingly prevalent condition among pediatric patients so you can treat them more effectively.
  • A chapter on the role of the interventional radiologist in pediatric nephrology keeps you apprised of the latest advances in a key area in the field.
  • The function of complementary and alternative medicine in patients with renal disease is reviewed for the first time in a standard pediatric nephrology textbook.
  • A consistent organization throughout and a full-color layout lets you find diagnostic guidance quickly.

Note: The Kindle edition of this book does not include any CDs or DVDs.

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Tiled Steam Room and Steam Shower Technical Design Manual (English Edition) PDF Books

Tiled Steam Room and Steam Shower Technical Design Manual (English Edition)

The goal of this manual is to provide the necessary information to help ensure a proper and long-lasting tile installation in a steam room or steam shower environment.

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